The Need For PageSpeed 5-Day SEO Challenge by Brendan Hufford

The Need For PageSpeed 5-Day SEO Challenge

Count to one with me for a moment...

"One, one-thousand..."

👆 The time it took you to read that is how fast Google wants your website to load. 👆 

Ready to start ranking better in Google AND converting more traffic in the next 5 days?

If you want to rank on the first page of Google, your site needs to be lightning fast.

But how fast is fast enough?

According to a study of 12 MILLION Google results the average speed for top 10 results is...

With page speed as a major ranking factor, you don't have time to waste (literally)
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What's included?


Day 1: Welcome!
PageSpeed Basics
6 mins
Meet the PageSpeed Super-Villains
Page speed for non-developers
Assignment: Test your PageSpeed
Day 2: Two TINY Tweaks That Make HUGE Changes
The Best (and Cheapest) Hosting for Page Speed and SEO
Meet CDNs: Your New Best Friend
Day 3: These are *Instant* Game-Changers
How I Find The Fastest WordPress Themes (and My FAVORITES!)
5 mins
The Best Plugins to Improve Page Speed and Core Web Vitals
Day 4: Make Big Website Changes (Without Getting a Computer Science Degree)
How to fix large images in 30 seconds
The TRUTH About Minification
Day 5: Putting It All Together (A Case Study Blueprint)
Case Study: The Journey to 99 Google Page Speed score!
Did we do it?
Day 6: The Next Level For Your SEO
Want more?
Does it work?