The SEO Roadmap by Brendan Hufford

The SEO Roadmap

The SEO Roadmap will forever alter the way you do SEO.

(Too strong?)

Oh well.

The SEO Roadmap is the first comprehensive SEO guide that takes you by the hand and walks you through every step to go from 0 to 100,000 monthly visitors from Google.

What is the SEO Roadmap?

We will walk you through every step of the way, from speeding up your website, to writing articles, promoting them, building links and even converting that traffic into more subscribers, customers and clients.

Because what we’re really talking about here is freedom. You’re building a website and looking to get traffic because you want to be FREE.

Free in terms of your time.

Free in terms of your income..

Free in terms of your creativity.

Free, finally, in terms of …. everything, really.

What's included?

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Community (Don't Skip This)
Building a Connection (SO IMPORTANT!)
4 mins
SEO for the Rest of Us Facebook Group
START HERE: How to use the SEO Roadmap
How the SEO Roadmap Works & A Quick Breakdown of All 3 Stages
2 mins
Search Intent (Rules Everything Around Me)
10 mins
Simplifying SEO (The "I AM" SEO Framework)
14 mins
Stage 1: Foundation
Building Your Foundation (Start Here)
3 mins
Choosing a Topic
6 mins
SEO Writing Secrets
24 mins
High Gear Keywords
17 mins
The Content Idea Generator
5 mins
Finishing Your Foundation
Stage 2: Structure
Establishing a Structure (Start Here)
3 mins
Creating a Content Strategy
13 mins
Where to Start with Link Building
31 mins
My Secret to Ranking (Without Ranking)
9 mins
Stage 3: Scale
Scaling a Winning Site (Start Here)
3 mins
How to Scale Link Building (Without Begging For Them With Spammy Outreach)
14 mins
Auditing Your Content to Increase Traffic (Coming Soon!)